Big Bad Nitro Daddy


Big Bad Nitro Buell

The Buell has lent itself to some of Rob's greatest creativity. It has the potential to be one of most innovative of Bonneville race bikes, or one of the greatest failures.

Running on Nitro methane challenges the strength of a motor, and the Buell's engine is undergoing a complete rebuild. New piston, new cylinder wall and new head design are only a part of a revolutionary approach to the old problem: how do you get the most speed out of a given displacement, in this case, a 500cc pushrod motor?

Rob's answer to that question may be a little surprising, but it is based on valid theory of the functioning of any internal combustion motor. It's not about adding more fuel; it's about breathing more air.

Based on that assumption, Rob and L.A. Sleeve have reduced a Buell Lightning 1200cc engine to a 500 V-twin.

Whether his answer builds a better mousetrap will be proven in August 2014. 
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