Speedwrench's dynamometer proved Rob was on the right track. With the Hayabusa pulling 160 horse power at 200mph, most builders would have been content, but Rob was dissatisfied. Gasoline seemed too limiting. He wanted the power that only Nitro methane can deliver.

Two weeks before the BUB Speed Trials, Rob rejetted the Hayabusa and switched it to the fuel he knew so well from his championship days drag-racing funny cars.

Big Bad Nitro Daddy's first shakedown pass at Bonneville was encouraging. Rob ran over 169 mph. On its second run, the bike averaged 177.786 mph, but the stress was too great for a tired engine. The rings gave out. The BBND Hayabusa would go no faster in 2010.
   Big Bad Nitro Daddy

Big Bad Nitro Daddy Busa

Birth of the BBND 'Busa

On a whim, Rob Williams accepted an invitation from Colorado Speedwrench's Randy Miller in 2009 to accompany him to Bonneville. He walked the pits, talked to participants, and lit a spark for his own entry the following year. “I knew as I was driving home that I would have a bike on the salt in 2010.”

Just what that bike would be was not as sure. Rob bought a 2002 Hayabusa in October and began some of the obvious modifications. “It had been ridden by a mature rider. The tank was clear-braed, with extended mirrors and hand-warmer grips.” There were 50,000 miles on the odometer, but the engine was strong.

Rob spent the winter making the ‘Busa into a race bike. He lengthened the swing arm, installed a Vance and Hines exhaust, and adapted a NANO nitrous oxide system.

Three subsequent events and numerous modifications have not yet yielded the speed the Hayabusa is capable of. With custom JE Pistons, GRP Connecting Rods and an engine rebuild by George Dean, hopes run high for its performance in 2014.
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