Big Bad Nitro Daddy



Rob Williams never met a problem more horsepower couldn’t solve, and nothing generates horsepower like nitro methane. From his formative days in top fuel funny car drag racing to his entry into land speed racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Rob has no fear of the mystique that surrounds this exotic fuel.  As he often states, “Gasoline is for cleaning car parts.”

Rob's knowledge of nitro methane has now garnered FIM and AMA records in multiple classes. He and his hydrometer have become a familiar sight in the Bonneville pits as Rob consults with other tuners and drivers regarding fuel blends.

This year, 2013, Big Bad Nitro Daddy took three nitro-powered bikes to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. Although the event was shortened by rain, Big Bad Nitro Daddy again captured a new AMA record of 82.004mph with the 50cc Aprilia .

Many thanks to the volunteers and staff of BUB Enterprises, our wonderful sponsors, and all the land speed racers and friends we met at the Bonneville Salt Flats this year.

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