Big Bad Nitro Daddy

A Bike of her Own

The ‘Busa was never built with Julianna Wallingford in mind, but as Big Bad Nitro Daddy grew, the idea of a bike designed around Julianna’s characteristics gelled.

The first thing people notice when meeting Julianna is that she isn’t very big. Small. Light. Able to contort into tight spaces. Where better to use those features than racing a very small, light land speed motorcycle.

Like a 50 cc Aprilia.

With an engine modified by AF 1 Racing, the  Aprilia set new FIM world records in 2011, for the flying start mile and kilometer, of 81.398mph and 81.507mph respectively.  

But the Aprilia's work was not done. It was back on the Salt in 2013, driven by a forged Wiseco piston, unique stacked carburetors to deliver enough nitro methane, and lubricated by Klotz, it set a new AMA record over 82mph, with a fastest run of 85.5mph through the mile.. Follow the progress of the bike and Julianna’s thoughts on her blog: 


Rob creates a new seat on the Aprilia
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